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Understanding Medicare: You’ve got Medicare Mail!

Medicare will mail you important information about enrollment

What mail should you expect to get from Medicare?

Initial Medicare enrollment is soon upon us, and with it will be the forms and information necessary to inform about and enroll your parent or loved one in coverage.

Let’s take a look at the important medicare mail that your parent or loved one will recieve.

Initial Enrollment Questionnaire (IEQ)

Who sends it: Medicare

When: 3 months before your Medicare Coverage starts

What is it:  It will actually be instructions, along with a username and password, to access the initial enrollment questionare at This form will be active for 90 days before your coverage starts and 180 days afterward.

It asks you to complete information on any other insurance that you may have.
•”Medicare & You” handbook

Who sends it: Medicare

When: September

What is it: A Medicare primer that goes over the available health and drug plan options, and outlines the benefits, protections and rights of Medicare beneficiaries. You can find an online version of it, and sign up to recieve future editions online as well as
Plan marketing materials

Who sends it: Plan providers

When: October

What is it: Marketing and advertisements to compare the available plans for those interested in Medicare Advantage, Part D, or Medigap Insurance.
Notice of Medicare Premium Payment Due

Who sends it: Medicare

When: 10th of the month

What is it: This applies only to those who pay some portion of Medicare out of pocket. Payments are due on the 25th and it will include instructions on how to pay. You can sign up for automatic payment using your bank account or credit card using Medicare Easy Pay.

Once enrolled, your parent or loved one can expect to receive other Medicare mail, but the items listed here are the most relevant to new enrollees.

Next week, we will look at avoiding Medicare scams and fraud that take advantage of the Medicare enrollment period. Have you or a loved one ever been approached by or a victim of a Medicare scam?