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The Organized Care Giver

Organized care giving to effeciently manage diet and nutrition

Organization is key to efficiency and deciding the best use of resources, no matter if it be for home or business. When you take on the responsibility of care giving, in your home or in your parents or loved ones, being an organized care giver is key to a well-functioning care giving relationship.

One of the biggest concerns for care givers is that their loved one eats well, eats often enough, and eats the right things. It can be hard for your parent or loved one to remember to eat as often as they need and it can be hard for you as a care giver to manage and evaluate food consumption and costs.

Here are a couple of great organization tips found on the web and Pinterest that can help make it a little easier repurposing cheap items you may already have.

Using a shoe caddy can help you be a more organized care giver.

Using a shoe caddy can help you be a more organized care giver.

1.)    Hanging Shoe Caddy

We love this idea. I personally use it in my house for snacks, as well as my kid’s cups and spoons. It can be used for snacks, vitamins, meal replacement shakes, toiletries in the bathroom; anything you can think of really! It keeps it organized, in view, and best of all, within reach. No need for a step stool or to shuffle items around in a pantry.




Organize meals or snacks in small bins.

Organize meals or snacks in small bins.

2.)    Premade or sorted daily snacks in bins

This is a great way to organize snacks for a week or two in advance. You can find plastic storage bins at the dollar store and can work with your parent or loved one to plan out their meals or snacks and make the bins. Pop them in the fridge or pantry and you can see at a glance what is running low and when you need to replenish. You can make a bin for each day of the week or separate out by types of snack, depending on the level of your parent or loved ones needs.


Do you have any organizational tips that you have found to help you with care giving? Please share your organized care giver tips in the comments!