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Social Security Direct Express Fraud

Social Security Direct Express Fraud


3 times in the last 18 months my mother has gone to the mail box, to NOT FIND her social security check that she counts on to live.

We have tolld SS about this, yet it happened 3 times.

The fraud happened at DIreCT EXPRESS, where the SS allows people to take their social security via an electronic debt card issued by direct express, and the process is very simple.

Call social security, ask them to put you on DIreCT EXPRESs and with out must hassel they will, and mail you your new card. PROBLEM is my mother nrver did this, and they mailed the card to 3 random locations to her. PROBABLY NOT TO THE SCAMMERS, and the cards were used, leaving my mother to pay back Social Security at 25.00 a month until it was piad off.

CRAZY, especiall when we went to the SS office and they assured it would not happen again, as we had locked the account down to only CHANGES IN PERSON.


That did not work, as the second time we added a pin.


THAT DID NOt WORk!!! Nothing does it seemes except dudilligance


Social Security Direct Express Fraud Prevention

We have found the best solution is to call the socail security office on the 20th, and 25th of EvERY month and ask them where the deposit will be made to this month.

if both times the answers is mailed to HER HOME, then great.

HOWEVER 2 times in the last 12 months we have found that yet again it was scheduled to go to some random address on a new DIRECT EXPRESS CARD she ordered.

I know it is crazy, but the 2 calls a month take about 20 min to an hour.

DEALING WItH NO MONEY and the stress put on your loved one is overwhelming to you and them.

Not to mention the 40+ hours you will waste dealing with it, and still oweiing the government for money your parent never recieved.