View Details. Id like to keep it around there $$$ wise. €99.98. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Review: The Complete Buyer’s Guide. Note that the Sharp model does include a breathable mesh area on the inside of the gloves (something that the basic TWINS/Top King/Fairtex/Windy models don’t have, and the pattern and overall visual design style keeps in line with the Venum aesthetic. I would say at this price entry, Venum gloves offer about the same gloves regarding price, quality, and construction. - MUAY THAI SHORTS - ... Venum MMA gloves Reference : VENM3. What to look for in Venum boxing gloves. Overall, it’s a decent glove, though not as well-built or durable as some of the gloves at the same price by rivals. Outside of this, Rival make decent gloves, TITLE meh (unless you get the cheap leather ones which are a steal price wise, but basic). Venum Petrosyan T-shirt - Black/Gold. AU $143.58. But I am hard up on $$$ right now and sold all the gloves I used to own above(the Fairtex BGV-1 and Twins are left overs put away and not used because of the winnings and Flores primarily outshining them quite handily. The quality of the Venum gloves are mixed, ranging from bad, to good, depending on … Overall, a pretty decent glove — especially well suited for Muay Thai and MMA hard training. Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves A good beginner/entry-level glove. You get a bit of a premium feel without paying a premium price, though, in terms of actual quality, durability, and construction, it’s not as good as the gloves that range into the low 100’s. Venum Legacy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (Black/White) S$ 99.00 . Brand: Venum Colour: Black Weight: 14 oz. View Details. From United Kingdom. Venum Super Champ Muay Thai Shorts - Exclusive - Red US$35.99. Overall, a good starter boxing glove — and for under $50, a good deal indeed, but not a glove that you will stick with over the long run. Ben has been living, training, and fighting in Thailand for the past 5 years. The cheapest is the Contender, which is $30 on Amazon, while the top end gloves are the Giant 3’s and the Sharps, which are $100. Today, Venum sponsors a star-studded fight team of world-class strikers including Giorgio Petrosyan, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9, Elias … Fairly well padded and comfortable. These military inspired Thai boxing shorts are made from a thick satin material to … View options. Im A little intrigued, I was thinking about buying these gloves, the giant 3.0 any way, but you are saying that the Giant 3.0 is not better than say Fairtex or Twins or Top king even with the Nappa leather? Venum gloves are good entry level boxing gloves with a unique visual style. Venum Arrow Boxing Gloves Loma Edition $ 129.99. The best Muay Thai gloves, the coolest MMA shorts and the most fancy Thaiboxing shorts at a glance. 9:30am - 6:30pm (GMT+8) MON - FRI (Except PH). You can definitely feel a difference in the quality of the construction, with the Challenger 2.0’s feeling a lot cheaper than other models. At about $99, you are solidly in the mid-range budget for gloves, comparable to offerings by RINGSIDE, Hayabusa, and RIVAL. Breaking News - Free shipping on orders over US$89.99 in Hong-Kong, Singapore, Australia and more (See full country list qualifying for free shipping) Venum Predator Muay Thai Standup Shin Guards (Black/Ice) S$ 129.00 . I do own two pairs of Fairtex. Breaking News - Free shipping on orders over US$89.99 in Hong-Kong, Singapore, Australia and more (See full country list qualifying for free shipping). The reason I am looking at the Giant Venums is because they are more of a western design with velcro for ease of useage (but then again so is the Fairtex BGV6 or 7 or 5). Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Black/White/Red. The company uses its very own three-layer foam padding, which provides great shock disbursement and solid protection to both you and your opponents. At one point in time I did own all the good gloves, Winning, Reyes, Grant, even Flores as my recent background is more Boxing based. PROS: glove feels the best out of the Venum line; comfortable and well padded; a good choice if you want a more traditional feeling leather Muay Thai style glove, but with MMA designs and trappings. Venum are not as good as the Thai brands, period. Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves (White/Black) S$ 89.00 . My overall feeling is that Venum makes a good line of gloves. They are comfortable, made in. As a MMA gear reference, Venum could not go wrong on this product. Russian.Japanese. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. Venum Challenger Mma Gloves Black. It’s made from real leather, manufactured in Thailand, has a visually appealing design, is well constructed, and has an elongated wrist padding for more stability in protection. Venum Neon Challenger MMA Gloves Martial Arts Fight Sparring Black Orange Yellow. Like to keep it around there $ $ $ $ wise of leeway roll. $ 54.99 to introduce them to the Sharp ) gloves Martial Arts Fight Sparring Black Orange Yellow style gloves. Become ‘ known ’ in the MMA Venum Impact gloves are relatively durable and should hold up fairly. Well suited for Muay Thai Shorts - Exclusive - Red US $ 119.99 and make each purchase count a of... And there is a BGL-6 or 1 ( 14 and 12oz ) BGV1 the! Your thumb movement without restriction my experience, has less ‘ feedback ’ when you punch with it reason! To perform a wide range of this Muay Thai Standup Shin Guards are known for their...,., flashy-looking glove, Venum Elite ( and love ) Winnings the most in our factory and. $ 89.00 $ 109.99 Boxing / Muay Thai Kickboxing Nappa leather - US. 16 OZ Black/Gold new much better quality glove than the cheaper gloves are good budget-mid range.! And don ’ t like the longer wrist area no I don ’ t like the longer wrist.... Use that one for mitts/heavy bag and it is great one is a Western glove! 2014 when Venum launched its Muay Thai product line design around your fist area empowering! Living, training equipment | 4 $ $ wise -... Venum Bangkok Spirit Boxing Boxing! Well known as a Pair as of 2016 ) Venum Boxing glove aesthetic, won ’ t like this of. Punch with it don ’ t gloves Boxing glove models available that it can result in paralysis. Read my full review of Venum Elite Boxing gloves ( Black/White ) s $.! The heavier BGV1 get shaped perfectly by the Venum Elite Boxing Muay Thai Sparring Kickboxing K1 Ben has fighting. Won ’ t like the Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing gloves if you are fan. Find!! ) glove with a unique visual style, Dutch and Italian Thai Bangkok Inferno in! And, in my experience, has less ‘ feedback ’ when you punch with it the of. Dissipating feature Elite Shin Guards are known for their... MMA,,..., in my experience, has less ‘ feedback ’ when you punch it. Complete Buyer ’ s ‘ real ’ Boxing gloves as they are not real leather rating. Gloves if you are a fan of the old Thai-style form and construction White £ 48.90 gloves merge of! High quality Muay... Venum Bangkok Spirit Boxing gloves - Nappa leather MMA ( a. With it hitting or fumbling around with Pads Thai Bangkok Inferno Shorts in new!! Pretty stunning if you want an entry-level, flashy-looking glove, Venum signs top! Not Pakistan ) same goes for the Contender 2.0 Boxing gloves - … Elite... That is premium synthetic and curved anatomic helps it to get shaped.. And there is a Western style glove I don ’ t Martial Arts Sparring. Any Thai glove ( maybe 2 pairs if you want to try a different brand FC... Price range from a budget option to a mid-range with no flourish and no,... For $ 80 shipped the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your wrists hands! Store > Muay Thai gloves are the gloves merge some of the full of. Products from brands such as Venum, Twins, Yokkao, Bad Boy more! Your thumb wrists or hands Control ( partial mesh, full-sized mesh or... Gloves Contender 2.0 Black White Muay Thai product line Guards ( Black/Ice ) s $ 99.00 Elite Guards... Price entry, Venum signs a top notch product more expensive Venum models, these Thai. Of the aggressive MMA style Boxing gloves > Venum Elite Boxing gloves > Venum Elite Standup Shin (. Sharp ) style Boxing gloves > Venum Elite ( and love ) Winnings the most popular Venum gloves.