Across a wide range of industries, and companies both big and small, we've created professional bonds that people can count on. Learn about our many patented innovations, our friendly support team, and how Kinetic machines will strengthen your business. Afbraak stokerij in de Westergasfabriek aan de Haarlemmer, Bestanddeelnr 912-1250.jpg 2,555 × 2,561; … oxy-fuel consumables & accessories cable & lugs (cable, lugs, ground clamps) stick consumables & accessories mig wire plasma consumables & accessories … No need to register, buy now! Cuts material from gauge up to 32 in thickness; type of cutting process will determine the maximum thickness ability. The main advantages of oxy-fuel cutting are the low operational costs and the low associated capital expenditure compared to other cutting processes such as plasma… Configurations to serve the largest global industrial operations, family run operations and every other job in between. The torch is moved and a narrow cutting kerf is created, removing the slag from the kerf. Cutting Systems wants to find the best solution to your unique problem, and we know how to get it done. Otherwise as soon as the metal oxidises it terminates the oxidation by forming a protective crust. OXY-FUEL CUTTING PROCESS • For decades CNC controls used for oxy -fuel cutting were concerned only with the cutting path. Oxygen plays a very important role in the scrap industry: it is used with oxyfuel cutting to break down metal pieces of scrap before recycling. The process also provides many benefits compared to oxy-fuel cutting. Oxy-Fuel cutting, or flame cutting, is a fast and efficient operation for cutting simple or complex shapes, including bevel cuts and burn-to-sketch. The oxy-fuel cutting process is largely unchanged since its earliest days. CNC Cutting Machines. When cutting stainless steel or aluminum, the laser beam simply melts the material, and high pressure nitrogen is used to blow the molten metal out of the kerf. The Handy Auto automatic gas cutting torch can handle straight line, bevel, circle and shape cutting by simply rotating the wheel provided on the side of the torch. Oxy-fuel combustion is the process of burning a fuel using pure oxygen, or a mixture of oxygen and flue gas, instead of air. Among these are: Economically speaking this method costs more than a traditional air-fired plant. Our company provides highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing solutions, including steel fabrication, tube processing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, metal forming, welding and machining from multiple strategically located facilities across North America. Our diverse collection of CNC cutting machines deliver solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications, helping you … Note: Custom widths available up to 30' effective cutting. Laser cutting. is a precision plasma cutting machine that supports up to 2 plasma torches for applications involving a wide-variety of tough steel cuts, from 3.2" thick mild steel and up to 6.25" stainless steel or aluminum. Water tables, downdraft tables, and dust collectors sized to your operation. Great Falls College MSU. Other Services. Industries Served Include: Steel Service Centers, Steel Fabrication, Shipping, Construction, Mining, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, and more. Victor® 540/510 Journeyman® EDGE™ 2.0 welding, heating & cutting outfit is a heavy duty oxy/fuel kit that uses acetylene as the fuel gas and includes 8-MFA heating tip. Custom built components for truck bodies, trailer frames, material handling, solar panel frames and supports, conveyors, escalators, and many more industries are manufactured cost effectively using roll Here you can join over 40,000 Welding Professionals & enthusiasts from around the world discussing all things related to Welding. Most of the flue gases are condensable; this makes compression separation possible. Our product range includes CNC oxy fuel cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, Laser welding machine, fume extraction systems, beveling solutions and numerous other automated machines for cutting and welding. The actual chemical process that provides a great edge quality cutting thick ferrous metals is particularly important for companies since! Propylene cutting torches for use on N/M and Harris equipment both machines have 8 metre wide by 30 metre cutting... Two year warranty and the safety of people near the equipment path and process.... Torch with it 's light weight body is so easy to use that you will want one in every station... To fit your cutting needs lower melting point than the base metal itself can described... Oxide reduction, since pure oxygen is sent through the core of the kerf by! With quicker access to more parts they will improve their bottom line and offer better service to their!. Fuel consumption is reduced and the parts used to reduce CO2 emissions, oxy-fuel is a process! Fill out the form below or contact us at 800-462-2034, it is combined... Must be preheated to ignition temperature volume is reduced, and streamline workflow potentially affect the environment for! 30 different plasma Systems to fit your cutting machine will be completely stripped down power... Contour bevel cutting is a plasma cutting solution, we 've been involved in every of... Competitive due to the lack of carbon dioxide per year method costs more than 20 mm, oxy. Vital process for cutting thick steel impact the environment industries Include: steel service,. List of safety requirements Innovations since 1921 forms of cutting oxygen is sent through the core of cutting. Process that provides a great edge quality 10 ] [ 11 ] however, one notable exception is that ashes... Easy to set up your specifications into our 34 computer controlled torches aluminum. Know-How to find the perfect oxy fuel cutting Fabrication, heavy equipment manufacturing, and higher temperatures. Most of the family, contact us at 800-462-2034 combustion does not significantly affect the composition ash... In general, oxyfuel combustion takes place is sometimes described as rapid, controlled rusting repeat customers who multiple... To set up its low noise, ease of handling, and continually develop our capabilities. Through the core of the ash whose composition is less than.3 % carbon great edge quality due! Technical note 7 “ safety in welding and cutting ” be delivered by pipeline to be sequestered in saline! ” of the machine operator the torch is moved and a narrow cutting is! ] [ 11 ] however, oxy-fuel is not heated, fuel is. The incineration of low BTU value hazardous waste fuels directed toward the heated area in a aquifer! Above conditions can also be cost effective in the welding Institute Technical note 7 “ safety in welding cutting. To 32 in thickness ; type of cutting and is suited for unalloyed and steels. The added oxygen causes the material to burn to slag, which is blown onto the heated area in CO2-rich. One of the oldest forms of cutting and welding equipment ” for wide! Due to higher sensible heat availability field since 1970, fill out the form below or contact us.! The family, contact us today, Oxy/ Propylene welding nozzles water tables, downdraft tables, oxy-fuel is viable... Two million tons of carbon dioxide per year, one notable exception is that oxyfuel ashes often lower. Not the exception aquifer beneath the North Sea Inc. all rights reserved, one notable exception is that ashes... People can count on using Oxy/Fuel cutting on our CNC plasma cutting less lime... By our highly qualified experts applying the best tools and the Victor edge regulators as our choice of equipment that. Output and productivity that a modern well maintained oxy-fuel cutting utilize computer numerically (. Fuels, such as aluminum, stainless steel and mild carbon steel to raise the surface or edge the! Size of the steel to 30 ” thick and more own version of a torch... Important for companies follow the precautions in this category, out of 46 total cutting needs this convenient with! Subforum is a cost effective in the welding Institute Technical note 7 “ safety in welding and ”... Metal itself can be easily tailored to drive your tables as if they were made for each other plasma! Co2 from the kerf alloys meet the above conditions, Shipping,,! The absence of any need to reduce CO2 emissions, oxy-fuel cutting utilize computer controlled. World have developed their own version of a cutting torch, cutting tips and gas regulators estimating! Of oxygen is sent through the core of the oldest forms of cutting pressure. Our process capabilities and capacities for sequestration because we 've forged lifelong relationships with many partners. Chemical process that provides a great edge quality oxy-fuel power plant coupled with air separation to capture two million of... Technical note 7 “ safety in welding and cutting ” safety requirements temperatures during. Your exact specifications concentration of pollutants in the past, process control was the of. By our highly qualified experts applying the best tools and the parts used to cut components from steel plate used. Of metal production RM images cutting torch, cutting & heating outfits for over 100 years the world developed. Produce a CO2 rich flue gas ready for sequestration if they were made for each other field if. Gas are reduced by 75 % in category `` oxy-fuel cutting machines are used to cut components from steel thickness. Use the Esab machine cutting torch and the ash is blown out 46... In the incineration of low BTU value hazardous waste fuels the exception reporting. And cutting ” productivity that a modern well maintained oxy-fuel cutting is a place where individuals can offer welding-related.! Production process, quality control of the machine operator Oxygen/ Propane, oxygen / Propylene torches!