I think dividend handling fee is charged by your broker. I’m currently residing in Malaysia. How to Finance the Purchase of Your Next Car? My situation is different since I have US bank accounts. However, i do hear of ppl that successfully funded in via public bank and OCBC as recent as last month over the counter. Is this observation close to reality? I am planning to open a HK broking account. How I can I trade the small penny dreadful stocks on the ASX if I am Malaysian. You may spend RM6,000 buying the shares. Boss, do u hv class of trading foreign stock by using interactive brokers or others platform?? Fresh Graduates’ Guide to Buying Life Insurance. I was wondering if you have any insight about what this blacklist is about and is it a temporary ban? I have not tried KC’s method. Are these foreign share trading allow Malaysian to short the share as well? or 0.42% for RM100,000 min. Malaysia government also don’t tax on capital gain or dividend. That means if your stocks don’t have dividend, you will not get tax at all for all the profits, as long as you are not a US tax resident. I don’t personally trade FX though, no trading for me. As Asia's second largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization in 2012, HKEx aims to be the global exchange of choice for international clients seeking China exposure. Hi Keith, sorry I don’t know any broker there. 2. when we sell to cash out and TT money back home, will we be subject to withholding tax? Top gainers often continue to soar and reach new highs when their fundamentals are strong. In contrast, I used to purchase stocks with. I am not sure of who is actually governing the foreign share trading provided by the local bank. check out https://BursaMethod.com I highly recommend this course, trained by Peter Lim. HKEX: 0.06% for initial HKD40,000, 0.5% for >HKD 40,000, HKD 50 min. Another silly question, any available platform which provides foreign option trading? I get a better rate from Transferwise and am able to avoid the USD15 bank wire fee that IB charges if I transfer from CIMB as Transferwise uses ACH. Wondering if you still able to keep the US stock trading account like TD Ameritrade, Etrade? So you won’t get 100% of the dividend income. If you decide to do this, there are several fees that you need to know about. There are thousands of Major Corporations overseas, such as South Korea for electronics, Brazil for steel, Australia for mining and USA for technology. It provides auto trade and big margin to trade in Nasdaq. You need to ask your broker about the charges calculation. I am fairly new to this and forgive me if these are newbie questions but I would like to know: 1. if the fees in the table above are still valid? Why Should You Listen When Your Mother Sets You With A Financial Goal? THE CUSTOMER IS REMINDED THAT THIS PRODUCT IS NOT PROTECTED BY PERBADANAN INSURANS DEPOSIT MALAYSIA. A final way to get a taste of Ant is through the big U.S. banks that are sponsoring the Hong Kong listing. B-shares are stocks in Chinese companies trading on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, whereas H-shares are stocks in companies incorporated in China and trading on the Hong Kong Exchange. I have a question regarding ASX. Open a global trading account in Malaysia associated with the local investment banks and security firms, and purchase foreign shares. 3. when we TT money back to malaysia, will we be subject to any taxation locally? Can you also include HKEX in the costs column? 3. Just wondering if you know of any broker in HK? HONG KONG (Nikkei Markets) -- Hong Kong shares rebounded from a two-week low on Monday, helped by fresh optimism over Sino-American relations with trade talks set to continue in … Just got a call today from a Public Bank banker who told me E*TRADE Securities LLC is on a black list as of 2019, the problem is all the stock options and ESPP shares from the company I work at are done via E*TRADE. I am a Malaysian living in Hong Kong. Open a trading account in the country where the respective stocks originate from. I have funded TD Ameritrade with Malaysia CIMB bank account. Do one have to open 2 separate accounts for stock trading and another for futures trading on foreign shares ? Check out my course, Urgent Decisions To Make To Survive 2016 Financial Challenges. All in all, it is more convenient and overall cheaper to just open a trading account in the US for the transactions above ? or 0.40%, whichever is greater, Either US$ 50 min. Nice to meet u. Capital gain on US stocks is required to file tax for US residence. In addition to the fees stated in your list, one need to add Alliance off-line/phone-in fees. and how long did it take to get approved? because I have an account there when I stayed in the US between 2011-2012. or 0.15%, whichever is greater, Either SGD 25 min. This happens with both CIMB and Transferwise. If my application is rejected there I will just apply with Maybank… I don’t like Maybank because their platform is so archaic… but what to do…. Hi KC, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, I have one question, is trading with non local bank but with website like etoro the same? Where do you think i can get a professional advice on this? But some countries will withhold part of your dividend income as taxes (e.g. But since I migrated to Oregon in 2018, I had switched to use Interactive Broker ever since. Your articles is awesome & I forwarded to others friends too. It is best you verify with the service providers. Also, can a Malaysian shortsell foreign shares, because for BURSA, it is supposed under RSS. Their unbeatable fees and various other facilities, like 3rd party research, makes it highly trusted and efficient! But that was just a small amount, around RM1.5k… I was just testing the water. or 0.42%, whichever is greater, AUD 50 min. Other than Public bank. Not all banks forbid that I think. If i wanted to fund in say USD 20k then i will have to do it online for 9 times daily which is a hassle and also lose out on conversion rate and also the bank charges. or 0.25%, whichever is greater, AUD 50 min. Currently, I live in Malaysia and I trade US stocks. The stock moves are already boosting Aliababa’s trading in Hong Kong. Normally, the trading account created for you by your employer is still valid after you left. Dividend reinvestment total 29.61 (local),  31.73 (overseas), Clearance fee 0.04% (Singapore) with contract stamp of max. So far haven’t cash out yet so i’m not sure how troublesome. On a 50-day moving average basis, Hong Kong’s daily turnover now accounts for about 17% of the company’s total … Board lot sizes for Hong Kong exchanges The required board lot size for Hong Kong … Independent research portal to help clients make more informed trading decisions. The Hong Kong stock is 20% above November’s offering price. You are leaving Hong Leong Bank's website as such our Privacy Notice shall cease. I don’t have any course on technical trading. There are no capital gain tax for Malaysians to invest in US stocks. or 0.25%, whichever is greater, Either US$ 29 min. how to invest in KOSDAQ stocks? Is there discrepancies between US citizens and non US citizens using Interactive Broker ? can malaysian trade future using foreign brokerage? If your definition of ‘can’ is whether eToro is registered/regulated under Malaysian law, then the answer is a big NO. All the information you need before you open a share trading account. Hi Mr Lau, U are saying dat, Public Bank provides the best solutions? 5 5G Stocks to Buy That Will Stream Higher Profits for Investors. TD Ameritrade, US shares transferred to TD Ameritrade Asia. Probably that could trigger alarm/alert by the bank system. or 0.42% for