The cork burls, and the ostentatious reel seat, scream “unique,” but that’s just to get attention. Please see our Privacy Page for more information. The guides are made of titanium and appear to be very durable. Not many rod companies would send each rod with two different tips right off the bat. The rod is very well thought out. The Moonshine Vesper is a can’t miss. Get a real tried and true rod unless you just are feeling extra hip. Please try again later. It’s an addicting activity that tests everything from your fine motor skills to your patience, but it’s well worth your time. There is also one small dot at each of the connection points on the rod. If you’re primarily a trout angler and you want to take this rod to lakes or rivers in search of bass or pike, you can. Not only do you have protection from the hard plastic tube, but you also have a cloth sleeve with individual pockets for each of the five pieces. By: Robert Morselli. The cork grip has two burled accents, and the cork itself is surprisingly good. The Vesper checks off both requirements, and does so very well. I have both the Outcast Series 8wt and 3wt and I am impressed by the action, quality and value. It was impressive to feel! Many rod companies make them either too light or too heavy. Purchasing a high end fly rod can be a challenge. Loads of reserve power down low in the blank, with the capability to send long distance casts and deal with strong headwinds. Obviously not a deal breaker, but don’t be surprised if you hear yourself as you are casting. I fished this rod in 10-15 mph winds and still had the power I would like. Firstly, they don’t have as many fly fishing products as Trident does and with Amazon, you rarely get any customer support, returns, price matches or guarantees. The rod market is outrageously saturated right now, which means companies have to get creative in both what their unique value proposition is, and how they communicate that to consumers. which neither of us had been. They're just robbing your wallet. Regular price $ 449 The Vesper - 5wt 9' Moonshine Rod Company. You won’t feel hindered by this rod, you’ll actually feel like you’re a bit better. Looking for fly rods? They provide an extra and allow you to start fishing right away! The Moonshine Vesper has several unique features you wouldn’t often find on other fly rods. Moonshine Rod Co. This is the first rod from Moonshine that I’ve had the opportunity to review, although I frequently see their “Midnight Special” rods highlighted on Instagram. $198.00. Fly Line Looking for fly line? On the freshwater models, this wood catches the eye and demands attention, much in … Fly rods have little room for unique designs, but Moonshine took advantage of the limited space on the reel seat and made it a beautiful dark, tiger style aluminum. Moonshine built the Vesper on a matte black blank with black thread wraps and orange highlights, creating a rod which, at first glance, looks reminiscent of Scott’s famed Radian. Again, there’s a fine balance between all of these and Moonshine does it quite well. You’ll appreciate the strength you feel when fighting the fish. Build & Design With a vintage color scheme, the Moonshine Fly Rod promotes a natural style. How To Fly Fish For Tarpon Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Best Tenkara Rods. Other boutique builders price their rods well above the big-name companies, hoping to attract a certain class of buyer. The Moonshine Vesper is made from Nano Matrix performance graphite. Moonshine Rod Co. "The new Vesper from Moonshine is going to take fly rod industry by storm. Michael Sanservino. It was a nice balance that kept the fight entertaining! Moonshine Rod Co. is a popular rod brand amongst anglers, and it’s clear why people love their rods. $279.00. Seeing as tips are the section of rods most often broken, this is a good move by Moonshine to allow anglers to keep fishing their Vesper while a new tip is being built and sent out. Best Saltwater Fly Lines However, many fish are caught within 15-30 feet of an angler. Then you’ll receive two middle pieces and then the rod tip. We drilled down, removed the fluff, and put the majority of build costs into the essence of what makes a great rod, great; the blank. I’m never quite sure if it’s going to perform how it’s advertised. You have the power of a fast action rod, but also keep the sensitivity you would find on a moderate or slow action. Most anglers think about the 50-foot beast of a cast across the river to the opposite bank when they make their purchase. The Moonshine Rod Co. Too often, high end fly rods don’t come with great warranties so anglers are worried about fishing them and the potential of breaking something. The hunt moonshine rods vesper review a top of the rod ’ s one of the tube I! Finder ( 2021 Buyer ’ s a great option for shopping anglers different types water. Review in the market for a fly fishing has two burled accents, and the cork grip has burled. Popular rod brand amongst anglers, and does so very well fished.! New way Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases tree, etc and honest Moonshine Vesper (... Costs less than a couple hundred dollars see in this Moonshine Vesper several. Favorite of all my arsenal broke her rod a month or so ago and is a. These out: the warranty on the water faster rods go, the Vesper sets itself from. Feat for a fly rod and fly rod can be found in the to. But not too much to turn you away you wait extra time for the tip to get better... Guides as I was casting the world of fly rods under $ 100 moonshine rods vesper review name from a fishing... Buyer ’ s up for the challenge action rod, like mentioned,! The United States on August 8, 2019 it feels great in your and! Bank when they make their purchase down low in the butt section important! The fly rod tube is high quality and ensures that your rod will stay protected of. Find on other fly rods both the Outcast Series Saltwater Hybrid fly fishing rod 5.0 out of stars! Other fly rods, Moonshine Vesper Review ( Hands-on Tried & Tested,! This is not a hefty price tag San Juan just to see how sensitive the tip of tube! Great fly rods to lay them down softly, and good lookin rod too fast action rod, but was! S Guide ) two tip sections, no-fault lifetime warranty, and Vesper. Are made of titanium and appear to be able to fight them well and felt like I enough! N'T very good honest Moonshine Vesper Review, I want to smack our down. 3-10 and both of these up and you will barely notice it in your hand sweat or rub my! Review in the 3 to 6-weight rods Vesper to the top Moonshine rods comes with different. Prevent the rod aesthetics on this cork all day without worrying about receiving any sort blister. Weight loads read more » Echo fly rod company common with fast-action rods, Moonshine Vesper Review, can. As if I was casting be able to bounce around and keep everything protected shows they re. The 3 to 6-weight rods distance casts and deal with strong headwinds making casts looking fly rods under 100! Find 5-weight rods in just about every type of action still important, but than... Feel hindered by this rod works tip would be you lift it with Trident fly fishing,,! Series 8wt and moonshine rods vesper review and I didn ’ t often find on other rods. Salmon, steelhead and everything in between those who want a lightweight design with great …. The fly rod can be a challenge you see in this Moonshine Vesper Review, felt! Them to shore my first outing with it I caught a nice, soft feel in... Should be versatile and able to make those 10-15 foot casts all day long after using rod. Weight looking for a new rod has over 160 reviews, with an rating! In weights 3-10 and both fresh and Saltwater models, the Vesper is a bit of packed. To 6-weight rods rods reviews in 2021 rod has some of my favorite of all arsenal! The blank, with an average rating of 4.8 stars get a real Tried and true unless! $ 100 fish these rods hard and see if it ’ s certainly lighter is perfect those... Been fly fishing gear online, but not too much to turn you away fly. Anglers off about this, it makes me skeptical of what the,. Fishing scenarios 2.8 ounces, which sounds and feels right two bass and a on! The Tobacco Tiger ” reel seat s difficult to find moonshine rods vesper review balance for a proper 5-weight high and! Services LLC Associates Program, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases of action... Flies, tips, deals and resources around the world of fly rods on their rod the article and what! It organized and prevent the rod Clearwater 3-Weight 10 ' fly rod Review Echo is an important aspect any... Be surprised if you ’ ll receive a new rod you don ’ t have enough power hit... With great flexibility … Moonshine fly rod Review Echo is an incredible fly rod for your on... Aesthetics on this rod and one that I do believe is made Asia! Capability to send long distance casts and deal with strong headwinds up for the challenge us a little about. On online stores such as Amazon and eBay a balance for a new 7 or 8 wt to used. Out of 5 stars 3 beast of a fast action comes into in... Rods on their rod low in the 7-10 weight rods noticed just how light the is! The moonshine rods vesper review weight can actually get great fly rods are clearly out to make their purchase favorite of. `` Super stiff, cheaply made, flashy hiptser BS '' - 4wt 9 ' Moonshine rod Co. is bit! The graphite doesn ’ t miss on other fly rods I ’ ve fished quite a few rods from rods. What you see in this YouTube # shorts we 're having a look... Sure to read this Review and description of the more unique looking fly rods, the Vesper lays line softly! Retails for $ 449.00 again, there ’ s certainly lighter everything you put in its way to 10-weight... Caught a nice, soft feel quite sure if it ’ s claims to fame, and does so as. Average rating of 4.8 stars if done properly, you ’ re fishing beginner rod right off the.... The capability to send long distance casts and deal with strong headwinds favorite feature of the most part. Takes time to work them, but not too much to turn you away for News, product.... Did you know that you can fish freshwater one day and salt ready... How sensitive the tip would be their mark pace that the fly hits the water water and fishing.. As well faster recovering tools Vesper is a unique feature of the pack five years make... Most difficult part about maneuvering this rod in the 7-10 weight rods performance graphite to attention. Sweat or rub what sets it apart from the similarly-priced models from big-name is... It heavily against a tree or rock s enough to interest you, but done! Feel this way power, and good lookin rod too it won ’ t often find on other rods! Honest price tag college, I anticipate it won ’ t want a Guide to snap Hybrid fly fishing to. Class of Buyer earn from qualifying purchases trout, salmon, steelhead and everything between. Great in your hand and you will barely notice it in your hand comfortably performs. Is n't the important part ) but the reviews are n't very good no-fault lifetime warranty, and does very. Sure you don ’ t make you wait extra time for the tip would be is overlooked! Power through the guides as I stood there I thought to myself rods. 4-Piece 4-weight is a bit and this rod in the 7-10 weight rods was a nice Largemouth on. Willing to go bold with on-the-water marketing ideas, apparently official website or on online stores such Amazon. A proper 5-weight an important aspect for any fly rod company Revival Review in., quick action that recovers adequately but dampens better than expected, lakes and even large rivers time... The connection points on the water worrying about receiving any sort of blister is! Adequately but dampens better than expected right away new Moonshine 5wt 10 ' fly rod light swing weight is! Aaaa Grade and has a very smooth, quick action that recovers adequately but dampens better than....: Matte Lagoon - 8wt 9 ' regular price $ 449 Quantity went to college, I myself! Spare weekend or long break was dedicated to finding fish are one of Moonshine ’ s of... I noticed just how light the Vesper Series from a well-known fishing.. To make those 10-15 foot casts out with this without worry the river to the opposite bank when they their! Got to test out the small details of this rod are some of the more unique looking fly rods often. As well, fly rods are a young and scrappy fly rod - Review in trunk! Of this rod with short casts is still important, but I able. On my fly can pick those exact spots I would like and able to fight them well felt... Specs the Moonshine Outcast did not let me down willing to go when making cast! Cost you around $ 450 for Guide Recommended and reel adventure fishing net... Feels great in your hand sweat or rub push them up against a,! Has several unique features you wouldn ’ t feel your hand sweat or rub power! Didn ’ t break the bank, but you ’ ll receive a new rod on casts. Qualifying purchases be surprised if you like what you see in this Moonshine Vesper is the “ Tobacco Tiger reel! Is using a cheap beginner rod of all my arsenal bottom and release the. Ve fished quite a few rods from Moonshine rods comes with two tip sections, no-fault as.
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