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Green Card Fraud

Same old scammers, with a whole new twist using.

We have reported a rise in phone fraud, and identity theft of seniors over the last several years, however they are getting even worse and more aggressive.

Now they are using the GREEN CARD system, to pilfer money from seniors out of their money.

The scam is simple, the caller tells the senior that they have won a prize and they need to go to the store and get a green card, using a specific account number to claim their prize.

As soon as the add the money to the card, attached to a anonmys owner the card is then empitied and the senior has lost their money.

No way to track these cards as they are disposiable and not registered.

As a son of an 83 year old mother, I have had to change my moms cell for 3 times in the last 24 months to keep her from getting scammed out of her money.

The cell phone companies typically charge a fee to give you a new number (around 36.00), however if you tell them it is because the phone is being used in senior fraud they will typically waive that fee.

It is best to change the number the very first time you get a call, as these thiefs work in groups and share the number around in a ring. They each get specific parts of a consumer profile, unknowing to the senior little by little and sooner or later over time they have an entire profile. Enough to:

-Steal your parents social security check

-creat a credit card in their name

-steal their idenity

- and more….

This is a full time job, for many thiefes and they are very good at taking your parents money.

You have to manage this or it will cost you thousands in time and lost cash.

We are not saying that green cards are bad, they have a purpose but the thiefs are using them to milk our seniors out of their money, and have become a easy tool for the bad guys.