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Caregiving tips and tricks to save your sanity this holiday season

Caregiving tips and tricks to save your time and money

caregiving life hacks, tips and tricks to save you time and money this holiday season.

Caregiving tips and tricks to save you time and money this holiday season.

The holiday season is typically busy for everyone, even more so for caregivers. Here are some quick and easy caregiving tips to help you accomplish more with less stress this holiday season.

1. Stockpile the cheer

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas my family has a million birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a great idea to stockpile or bulk buy generic birthday and anniversary cards so you are never left in a lurch. I usually stash a couple in my car glove box as back up. Bonus points if you pre-stamp envelopes for them. This also works if you pick up holiday greeting cards on clearance the day after.

2. Call ahead and hold it

You’ve been to the store 3 times but still forgot that supplement or special ingredient you need? Call ahead and have them grab it and set it aside for you at customer service. This way you know it’s in stock and you don’t have to trek through the store, allowing you to save time and avoid all those impulse buys when all you really need is that one item. If you are a member of a warehouse store like Sam’s Club or Costco they sometimes offer the ability to shop completely online and then just go pay for and pick up your purchases.

3. Subscribe

Amazon now offers the ability to subscribe to certain products that you can arrange to have delivered every week or month or however often you like. Several grocers, like Greenling, that are dedicated to organic or local produce also offer this service for produce and meat.

4. Make a space

Set aside a particular space or place for everyday items to cut down on time you spend looking for things, like a place for your wallet, keys and phone. You can also make a space, basket, drawer or hook for each day of the week so you can prepare or help your loved one prepare in advance for the days plans and events.  No rushing around at the last minute looking for things.