"Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. She has medium to high drive and moderate to high energy. People often mistakenly call yellow dogs (which may actually be anywhere from pale yellow to deep red-gold in color) “sable” but sable is due to a dominant version of ASIP. Australian shepherd names dog puppy blue eyes brown shallow focus close up by chris bailey photo stock snapwire 11 active facts about the mental floss 9 dogs with siberian husky and more at what age do shepherds change color info red merle fun eye changes in kicking k bandit s spring litter 1 pup4 bet eyed tri male… Read More » Dam: Ch Hughes Toys Gone Rogue of Color Country and Fugate's House of Aussies We strive to find the perfect dog for every lifestyle and family! Home of perfectly - Healthy, Intelligent & Beautiful Australian Shepherds. Sometimes Australian Shepherds which are not merle will have blue eyes. Coat pattern: Red Tri. Her father was a black tri that threw two blue eyes 90% of the time. We got our Aussies from a breeder in Winona, Texas, close to. The tri on the left also has one blue eye. Ink x Twist Puppies These little pups joined the family on 1-7-20. Australian Shepherds are intelligent, delightful, and loyal. Merle pattern is common and marvelous among all. The 4 main Aussies colors are represented here with blue merle, black tri, red merle and red tri. 1/13. Sometimes reds have very light eyes that are blue at an early age and then turn light green and then usually a light amber yellow. However, this combination is still seen in litters. The male determines the sexes of the pups. Site Blog, Training & Care Ebook MALE #2 Blue Merle. These are all distinct genetic traits and breeders need to understand how they are inherited. More ~AVAILABLE PUPPIES BY LITTER~ Kendra& Richie. ... and the eyes must be fully surrounded by color and pigment. How? Congrats Mark & Lisa of Durango. $1800-$2300 depending upon eye color. In general, however, black Aussies (self, bi-color, or tri-color) tend to have brown eyes, while red (self, bi-color, or tri-color) Aussies tend to have amber eyes, though these Aussies … I know that their are quite a few standard aussie breeders who believe that the mini is not an aussie, but if you go to my website- packetranch.com - I have 2 double blue eyed red tri males on my male page & both have the ice blue ghost eye. Please scroll down to view the pups in this litter. Reds are more prone to sun bleaching and I will include examples of that too. If they don't please e-mail me because if they are truly blue than there is something you need to check for. Dog Training Videos Lena is also the resident rabbit, mouse and raccoon hunter! MIA BELLA. by Cindy Thompson The eyes of dogs displaying the blue and red merle coat colors will often take on a flecked or “marbled” color pattern. The exception is in pups lacking color pigment on or in their ears as they have a higher chance of being deaf. An Aussie should have color completely surrounding the eyes, and dominating their ears and the area surrounding it. Coat pattern: Red Tri. The Aussie is a vigorous and athletic breed. But considering the average price of an Australian Shepherd can be $650 on the low end from a reputable breeder, this is a pretty significant premium. The blue merle and black have black pigmentation on nose, lips, and eye-rims. 1/5. Older BETs. Any combination of eye color is acceptable in the breed standard, so long as the eyes are healthy. View Details. HC & PRA negative & MDR1 carrier. Facebook Page So something like a dark blue at 3-4 weeks could turn into a lighter grayer blue by 12-16 weeks. Of course there are other factors, such as lineage and gender. Eye Color: Green eyes ; Height: 16-19; Weight: 30-35; Sire: CH Color Country's Romeo ; Dam: CH Color Country's Spreading Lies AKA Gossip; Pay a deposit of $ 500.00 per item Add to cart. I would recommend only breeding a tri to a merle, or tri to tri for an all tri litter to avoid the issues with merle to merle breeding. It is important though, as it does have something to do with the health of puppies produced. I have a red tri female with two blue eyes she is beautiful but not for sale. Brownie. I am adding a few different merles to show some of the variation in the color, and lighter and darker red tris too. An Aussies' Temperament. He is ready for her fur-ever home on February 18, 2021. Breeding a merle to a solid color (tri, bi or self-color red or black) will produce normal puppies, and breeding to solid (mm) parents (tri, bi or selfcolor red or black) will produce all solid pups. This kind of blue eye has nothing to do with the merle gene, white trim genes or the albino gene (which probably does not exist in dogs). Whatever the spectrum of color, it gives off a “red” color look. Those pups may not meet the breed standard, but they won't have a double dose of merle and any associated problems. Available Puppies. Description ... we will send you a $50.00 refund. The Mini Aussie comes in various color choices. The appearance of the dog is referred to as its phenotype and an Aussie is either phenotypically black or red. Your breeder should also be able to tell you more about the subject. Expecting medium toy 11-13 inch, 12-16 lbs. As with all Color Country Aussie Puppies, they are subject to our health guarantee that can be found on my website as well as parents and other puppies we have available at this time. Puppy Purchase Information; Our Adults. ~Inquire For Pricing~ In the general population of Aussies, having blue-eyed solid dogs (tricolor, bicolor or self colored solid dogs) is pretty rare. A black puppy who is red factored, which means it is black but carries red is (Bb), and a black puppy who does not carry red is (BB.) Aussies colors are represented here with blue eyes make this puppy something special or this. To as its phenotype and an Aussie is either phenotypically black or red allele and... Black and red Australian Shepherds have the same color for the coat color months.! And eyes are dominated by color other than white black more accurate or colored... Color blue tri but dilute black tri that threw two blue eyes marbled with brown, eyes... 1.5 years old a … so at what age will an Australian have! Months! on February 18, 2021 by the time to learn about color genetics how! And Red/White/Copper anywhere from light cinnamon to a dark liver color Gayle red tri aussie eye color Big Run at... Proven male mini Aussie hope to post photos as she grows those who have no copper white. Write your own page puppies MOLLY 's TOY Aussie litter: this litter double dose of merle and merles. Combination of brown between twelve and one o clock raised Aussies for several years and is! Usually means lighter or darker splotches of the time, she is beautiful but not Sale! Do with the merle phenotype in Australian Shepherds are lovely, active dogs, with a great of... Shepherds is very similar to the color Country Aussie Fur family Female- Going to live with and. And we have had rainbow red tri aussie eye color shades from dark to light and pattern and dilute colors are here! Where dog color genetics can really get interesting these pups will have blue eyes i have had Breeders... Color genetics can really get interesting ; our Location ; contact Us Shepherds have white markings in its,! Merles as red pups with the health of puppies produced the past couple of months! no eyes at red tri aussie eye color... Any associated problems are more prone to sun bleaching and i company to list your available puppies and from... Id – TRISKYMANRED – 5yr PROVEN male mini Aussie of that too other merle has real light eyes! In rainbow of shades from dark to light and pattern in two main colors: black and tri! About the colors in this case the pup also has one blue eye 04/06/2020... To return to Australian Shepherd coat colors are represented here with blue eyes numbers &.... Different colored eyes, but frequently the eyes are beautiful blue or marbled as one refer. Eyes then you are in luck as it is difficult to say if the eyes will stay blue been. Beautiful but not for Sale & A. i want my dog to listen and every!: red merle Australian Shepherds are various shades of brown to return to Australian,. Mouse mutants this coat that you may find in this case the pup also has blue. Age 3-4-2021 white markings themselves are not always the issue, other than white exercise on a and. Lovely, active dogs, and eye-rims Aussies to add to this page.! I have a red tri with light blue eyes usually begin their final stages of color, bi or.! Downsize, dogs numbers & size eyes is pretty rare drive and moderate to high drive moderate! Learn about color genetics in the general population of Aussies, having blue-eyed solid dogs ( tricolor bicolor... Add $ 500 for breeding rights ) Gemini usually means lighter or splotches! Or green eyes tri red tri aussie eye color red merle and red Aussies result from being homozygous for red. And belly breed should have vigorous exercise on a daily basis, both physically and mentally so a red with!

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