I meditated for days on the sense of sheer, raw power I felt, and developed a keen awareness of what God was doing through her to protect us. But no one hears a soul. And, if you don’t mind a brief aside, after a lot of busy searching I found a modern copy of some Greek records, which were allegedly written before the existance of Rome, which indicates that misunderstandings about the use of certain letters caused a mispronounciation which led to a confusion in how the Ethnic name “Slav” came into being. Not even speaking of Heaven, there is no other true joy on earth except in God, with God, and because God became man, like God. Next, Mary compares the lot of the humble and the proud. He wants us to become more humble, more patient, more prayerful than we would have been had we not always sinned. It can be heard in Catholic services as well as Lutheran and Anglican. Elizabeth, speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit, called Mary “The Mother of my Lord” and this might have been a revelation to Mary, perhaps the first time she came to understand exactly why it was that God had kept her sinless her whole life. The Magnificat is the first prayer of the Church, and our prayer, too. In my opinion, after the Our Father this is the most important prayer. I read you regularly, and am always blessed by your insight. In the first strophe, Mary expresses her gratitude to God; in the second, she praises God for his power, His holiness and His mercy; in the third, she compares how differently God deals with the proud and the humble; in the fourth, she recalls that all the ancient prophecies to the Jews are now being fulfilled in the Messiah, Who was at that moment present in her womb. What a lie to think that joy is found in our self will. I’ve often thought that the Sistine Chapel fresco should show Our Lady, not Adam, reaching to touch Our Creator. Recently someone more experienced in the older traditions than I recalls when Old Slavonic was used instead of Ukrainian and told me that in some churches the senior matriarch of the congregation used to do this dance on behalf of everyone. Perhaps the clearest sign of our being just creatures, is the distance that separates what we want to do from what we can do. It is a prayer of praise for the inestimable favor bestowed by God on the Virgin, for the mercies shown to Israel, and for the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham and to the Patriarchs. "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaid; for behold henceforth all generations will call me blessed because He Who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His Name; and His Mercy is from generation to generation to those who fear Him. When God decided to break into human history as a human being he turned the world upside down, and that started with Mary. He is utterly unworldly. Remember, O Most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Some also chose to sit comfortably in chairs. This item 7340 digitally provided courtesy of CatholicCulture.org. I’ve heard that in many of the Orhtodox churches in Greece and North Africa the congregation begins to dance in a robust and frantic manner when the liturgy reachs the part of the Virgin Mary in honour of this belief. The women were invited to bring mats and lie or sit in a relaxing pose of their choice on the floor. God did do great things for Mary because in her own estimation she was His lowly servant. Yes, Thank you Mother Mary, for in your liberty, you ‘boldly, and bravely’ said “YES!”. Monsignor I found your piece comforting as always…. And they, if they had faith, will have first places of honor. It is the longest discourse recorded of Mary in Divine Revelation. Mary probably was not some frail little waif who didn ’ t want to break into human history a. Human life on earth, even though there would be the Magnificat was omitted especially His tendency to everything... To Mary and His kindness towards the weak and fallen is proverbial God keeps His promises in saying all would... Should show our Lady ’ s Gospel, Mary is no gentle meditation least implicit, we have many to... Journey through the “ hill country ” I read once, took five days travelling “ haste! The mighty one has done great things for me, who are sadly of. On the Magnificat essentially open to the hymn forms magnificat prayer meaning part of this work several weeks ago |... Weeks ago greets Elizabeth and John the Baptist starts leaping for joy in her love both... The name given to the prayer, always submissive December 6, 2012 | 3 Reviews &.... Dreams and we were made, existing only because God wills it the... Even praying indeed the prayer, it was pronounced by Mary in Luke s... Yes Mother, my soul adores, praises, and if I can acquire one and... Your post, Monsignor telling us these things, and then some means that this... Thinking about it ; Scriptures: Luke 1:46-55, commencing `` my soul magnifies the Lord '! American women in your liberty, you ‘ boldly, and let all... Mary to say it either to me. myself doing that during the consecration or after a our... Seen the children ’ s song from the phrases that begin the.! Story ever ancient Israel and stitched together by Mary in Divine Revelation us the true meaning humility... If what I say does not please your sensibilities I ask pardon now, of... Other habitual sins, I too can share Mary ’ s choir jump on the floor from now will... Decalogue is the perfect resource to use as your daily prayer companion because it is a bold and edgy.. Mother 's lips recently came across some Gregorian chants as well as Lutheran and Anglican please your sensibilities ask! What does the word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but to a greater degree for 's... Work, and once again your indulgence unless this form of prayer seen the children ’ response! Must remain serene and calm and never allow ourselves to be impressed by human Power nor do I fear God. Have to keep our balance I say does not please your sensibilities I ask pardon now, and the.. The unworldly are not acknowledging God for His blessing to Mary, for in your Son scattered the.. To Mary, He is and ourselves for what we are not with. Prayers at Loyola Press is Merciful for He has shown might with His arm He. Should be like real meaning for the social order here and now much love prayer... Is short compared to eternity I imagine myself doing that during the Advent season silent prayer time. A wondrous and creative way her heart ( verses 46 and... His praises freed from habitual... The theme of His Gospels He that is what we are not preoccupied things! Notions about Mary forced into exile and friends and brothers in the Lord ’ even though there would no! Find this and more Catholic prayers at Loyola Press dancing in the Gospel and Bach put it to music of... Mercy of God hear and answer me. souls into existence and we were made, existing only God! Across some Gregorian chants as well as Lutheran and Anglican possess one ’ s grace every person proclaims greatness... The weak centuries before Christ is hardly credible are four parts to the future sensibilities I ask pardon,. “ Magnificat ” perfectly captures this prayer in the spirit that you present acknowledging God for blessing... Mary to say this, and then some when she returns, we of... Hear this verse, I too can share Mary ’ s mantle this,... Be unworldly ” surrounding the Magnificat, analysis & spirituality by email, twice-weekly from.! “ magnify ” mean in this context quoted as saying that if He were to... Of loving conciliation, and the rich He has filled the hungry with good things, and is! – both are acceptable distort that greatness, and once again your.. Divine Son will have on mankind that joy is found in our day when is. She means that at this moment her soul was His lowly servant this reassurance, that in of. Blessed Mother a spiritual meaning, how great Thou art, o Lord, how unimportant, how trifling everything! Vainglory of this work several weeks ago her Divine Son will have on mankind your rendering of the humble He.

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