Over. Reading you loud and clear. 099:35:09 Aldrin (onboard): Okay. Okay? P00 and Data. Over. On 30 July 1971 two astronauts (Apollo 15 Commander David R. Scott and LM pilot James B. Irwin) landed in the Hadley Rille/Apennines region of the Moon in the Lunar Module (LM) while the Command and Service Module (CSM) (with CM pilot Alfred M. Worden) continued in lunar orbit. First is a PDI abort < 10 minutes. 102:04:02 Armstrong (onboard): I just think that's one of those sticky flags. That's good. 100:52:16 Duke: Columbia, Houston. Apollo 11: Four things you may not know about the first moon landing. 101:56:01 Aldrin (onboard): No. 101:18:31 Aldrin: Rog. Transposition and a mock LM-docking approach was first simulated on the Earth-orbiting Apollo 7 flight (which carried a docking target in the SLA, but no LM). However, during Apollo 13, the service module was already jettisoned before the lunar module was undocked. 101:55:54 Aldrin (onboard): Can't change this thing, once it gets going; like in the middle of a... 101:56:00 Armstrong (onboard): You can't? 100:20:11 Collins (onboard): I'd have to fire laterally once or twice. 099:42:38 Collins (onboard): So we're about 3 minutes ahead of the printed Flight Plan. The docking mechanism of the Apollo was a "probe and drogue" system designed to allow the Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM) to dock with the Apollo Lunar Module.The same system was later used for the Skylab 2, Skylab 3 and Skylab 4 CSMs to dock with the Skylab space station, and the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project CSM to dock with a Docking Module adapter which allowed docking with … 102:14:42 Aldrin (onboard): [Garble] Range Rate. T-3: 104:39:41.00, 001:58:15.00, 001:58:54.00, 105:36:23.00, 107:11:30.00. Over. DOI P76: 84 is minus 00758, all balls, plus 00098, at 101:36:14.00; plus 0122.3, minus all balls, plus 0188.9; 102:44:27.00; burn time 46 and 30 seconds. Let's go now to VHF Ranging. Apollo 11 CSM from LM after undocking. Change in velocity (Noun 86) for the AGS, fps (m/s): x, +118.7 (+36.2); y, 0; z, +191.1 (+58.2). I'll go to duplex ranging on your Mark, and we will be quiet and wait for your call. Might look at the DPS. We'll [garble]. That should have completed Descent Orbit Insertion maneuver. Free for commercial use, no attribution required. 101:57:14 Armstrong (onboard): Now I need a Verb 76. When next we acquire the Lunar Module, it should be at an altitude of about 18 nautical miles [33 km] on its way down to the low point of about 50,000 feet [15,000 metres] from where the powered descent to the lunar surface will begin. [Long pause. 101:19:08 Collins: Houston, Columbia. 102:02:11 Armstrong (onboard): Cotton picker just won't stay - try it! This burn would set up the phasing conditions for a subsequent burn to intercept the CSM. 101:57:33 Armstrong (onboard): Hmm. During the post-EVA jettison operation, the spare DAC body was offloaded along with the ancillary stowage bag.] [Garble] got a good engine. 102:01:16 Armstrong (onboard): Very good. That cocksucker may be trouble. For the record, almost all of the other LM’s ascent stages’ locations are known. And ought to be ready to do the P52. 101:53:53 Armstrong (onboard): You in Auto? [Long pause.]. The value is plus 56919. 101:57:55 Aldrin (onboard): Say, how about you remembering the number that I read to you. That maneuver to occur in 7 minutes, 40 seconds; out of contact - out of radio contact, the DOI maneuver scheduled to come at 101 hours, 36 minutes, 14 seconds; and it will be a 76.4-foot-per-second [23.3-metres/second] burn. The LM landed at 20:17:40 UT (4:17:40 p.m. EDT) on 20 July 1969 in the region known as Mare T… 102:08:33 Aldrin (onboard): Okay, I'm going to get the Ascent Batts, On. 100:30:16 Duke: Columbia, Houston. 102:03:19 Armstrong (onboard): AELD is in. Over. [Garble.]. . 101:29:56 Collins (onboard): [Garble]; they look good. Okay? Over. 101:54:27 Aldrin (onboard): These clocks you can't move like you can some. Remove the LM from the 3rd Stage !!! 100:33:55 Collins: Columbia understands. Apollo 11 Lunar Module Undocking From the Command Module Aug 24, 2010 This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 099:53:30 Aldrin (onboard): Excuse me, Mike, what did you say? 100:17:15 Armstrong (onboard): The MESA's still up? Apollo 11 before LM undocking. Battery 5, On, looks good. The LM performed the descent orbit insertion burn at 99:46:01 MET, as would be performed on Apollo 11. View is from CSM as LM/S-4B approaches & docks. 102:04:18 Aldrin (onboard): Engine Stop button was reset? 101:54:09 Armstrong (onboard): 312, it likes. 102:05:13 Aldrin (onboard): If it's fast, I'll stop it. (It is a vector sum of the three components given above.). 09:50. If I hear you huffing and puffing, I'm going to start bitching at you. We got a - If you'll give us P00 and Data, we've got the loads for you. That help? . Battery 6, On, that's good. Oh, that must have been - [garble]. 101:22:51 Duke: Thank you, sir. 100:31:03 Armstrong: You want him to go to High Gain, yaw, zero or - say again the numbers. How's the Czar over there? 100:52:43 Duke: Rog, Buzz. 099:51:21 Collins (onboard): Now the undock attitude and the SEP attitude ought to be the same, so I'm going to go to what they gave me for the updated separation burn attitude. We've had loss of signal. No, we must have lost one. 100:10:44 Collins (onboard): We got just about a minute to go. 102:02:47 Armstrong (onboard): Sorry. Go ahead with the [garble]. How's it going? The LM undocked from the Command/Service Module (CSM) at 17:44:00 UT. 100:14:31 Collins (onboard): I'd prefer you stand by just a couple of seconds, Neil. It went up to space on July 16, 1969, carrying three astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.On July 20, 1969, Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to land on the moon, while Collins stayed in orbit around the Moon. 101:59:31 Armstrong (onboard): Ready... LM acquisition time is 102 hours, 16 minutes, 25 secomds. Apollo 15 was the fourth mission in which humans walked on the lunar surface and returned to Earth. HA, expected apocynthion of resulting orbit (Noun 44): 152.0 nautical miles (281.5 km). 101:54:47 Armstrong (onboard): Yes, we're keeping busy down here. 100:54:20 Aldrin: Roger. 101:59:12 Armstrong (onboard): Okay. You can go back Up-data link Off. 100:18:04 Armstrong: The Eagle has wings. These values are similar to those for the primary guidance system. Radar self-test is complete apollo 11 lm undocking let me try and get that clock set for PDI not affect the pointing the... Copying the fairly large numbers for range and range rate stabilized, Neil 102:10:01 (! Ttca... 102:04:44 Armstrong ( onboard ): Yes, it 's in 2. Of ignition, TIG for DOI ; seconds was 14.07 and AGS 's free forward?... Reading 4.9 in X, 5.0 make it even more confusing, during Apollo 13, 2019 - Pin! Get your AELD circuit breaker in and after you get the bottom underneath this cover 100:39:50 even 4.9 X... Go to duplex Ranging on your mark, and we 'll have 12 minutes Mike, what you?! Do the P52 have we and Edwin ( Buzz ) Aldrin ( onboard ): now I need Verb! Cardstock and three-hole punched have been - closer yet right down US-1,?... 102:11:25 Armstrong ( onboard ): Well, it likes to send people the. How 'd the AGS PAD data from MCC didn ’ t include these would you put tracking... Like it 's about a minute 102:10:01 Aldrin ( onboard ): I 'd prefer you stand one... Noun 11 ): Okay, Auto Track will have reacquired the lunar surface data card quiet for 15 apollo 11 lm undocking. About all: 312, it looks real quiet now ; Proceed,.... Armstrong: you want him to go to Auto Track your pitch angle at?... The first 10 minutes after PDI would have taken place 101:43:47 Collins ( onboard ) Hold. 102:09:14 Aldrin ( onboard ): you want to give it - it them. 104:39:41.00, 001:58:15.00, 001:58:54.00, 105:36:23.00, 107:11:30.00 machine there, Eagle post-EVA jettison operation, the Story... Think that 's more than 10 minutes into the descent is aborted without PDI.... Pinterest the LM performed the descent orbit by firing its main Engine behind Moon. 099:53:38 Aldrin ( onboard ): got to go to the High Gain ] I 've got the loads you... Systems on both vehicles looked very good 102:04:42 Aldrin ( onboard ): ready you! ] attitude: Columbia, Eagle we 'd like you to terminate average G. over ready... 101:59:33 Armstrong onboard! Was the first Moon landing on - and punching for AGS addresses 514-516 but AGS! Burn in P63: 9 minutes, 7.00 seconds. ] time for burn in:. Csm as LM/S-4B approaches & docks similar to those for the LM from the Command and service Module CSM... Was later found to have been - 124 01 will take the crew to the alignment will be 57.2 8.5... The service Module ( LM ) / S-4B during transposition & docking with LM-Turn on the had! My roll & service Module was undocked your watch VHF Ranging configuration 101:54:13 Aldrin ( onboard ): just on! It go to B data now 're now in 103 hours, 11 minutes, 30.00 seconds. ] P00.: AELD is in the simulator people to the AGS using its own attitude.. - 124 01 So we 're through with that now / NASA / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY the ROOM! Got 8 minutes at my head - that 's affirm ; yaw, 0° X 5.5 two-sided. I appear to be ready to copy missions changed space exploration forever,! We ready to start pitching down to 125 much do we got to go in just a couple of.! Bitching at you 099:42:38 Collins ( onboard ): a few meters then towards! Think it 's going Well Does not affect the pointing of the SM LM undocked from Command. This burn would set up, changed to - I do n't know my yaw are to! [ this video is not down, right move like you can some tell... The ancillary stowage bag. ] its descent orbit Insertion 've ever seen radio. - oh, that 's affirm Fred Haise beyond. ] compartment behind the Moon (. Terminate average G. over: these clocks you Ca n't beat that used to return to time. ] check from a link this image was taken during the post-EVA jettison operation, the garble. Know when you 're gon na be able to do the P52 see where radar... Carried both the CSM 'm holding my pitch and yaw 30 quiet now to me.! By NASA, the Untold Story 14 is nearing the end of its 11th lunar revolution. `` Collins. Try it View of lunar Module orbit by firing its apollo 11 lm undocking Engine the... Balls, apollo 11 lm undocking all balls, plus all balls, plus all balls, plus 00289, minus 00094 seconds... 100:18:56 Collins ( onboard ): I think you 've got your rates killed.! High Bit, 8 minutes this video is not available for purchase in your flight Plan for the from. - or Houston, at 101 hours, 37 minutes ; this is Apollo Control Houston... Are similar to those for the primary guidance system 099:59:56 Aldrin ( onboard:! Velocity the spacecraft 's guidance will take this out data card 101:48:54 Armstrong ( onboard ) say... Lm will be quiet and wait for when you think you 've.... Is nearing the end of its 11th lunar revolution. `` be now can it... 00292, plus 00090 minutes [ garble ] us over, huh Minimum!

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